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Spaghetti Veggies and Meatballs

Intent: Ease, Nutrition, TimeTime: 15 minutes This one is a go-to of mine for busy nights, and I love how easy it is (and how few dishes I have to do).  The pasta is made from veggies and lentils, the meatballs are free of antibiotics, artificial flavors, preservatives, etc.  And while I love meatballs, they […]

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Salmon Pot Pie

Intent: Innovation, Money, SoulTime: 45 minutes For Meatless Monday (on a day that started out at -2 degrees) I’m going with creamy comfort food.  Yes, this meal has butter and flour which I don’t usually use, but I also added in extra veggies and subbed almond milk for cream.  Between that and the salmon, this […]

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Roasted Tandoori Veggie Bowls

Intent: Nutrition, InnovationTime: 1+ hour Lunches this week are crispy, creamy, tangy, sweet, and healthy! Everything in this dish brings something to the table, from the protein in the yogurt and quinoa to the extra vitamins and minerals in the veggies.  If I’m going to be working out more, I want to make sure I […]

Meal Plan

Meal Plan 3/4/2019

For Lent this year I’ve decided to commit to a good habit for 40 days instead of restricting something bad.  I’m all about positivity, and I think focusing on doing good for myself will give me a better outlook than disallowing something “bad”.  I’m not a huge fan of “good” and “bad” in general, I […]


Meal Plan 2/18/2019

Hi guys! I’ve fallen off the wagon. So many life changes have really had me busy, distracted, and honestly…tired. While I “meal planned” for myself this week, there’s no real recipes or anything to post. My plan is to get back in the blogosphere next week! Last week, I made the decision to leave my […]

Meal Plan

Meal Plan 2/4/2019

Can I be real for a minute? Some weeks, like when I’m traveling half the week and have an insane amount of billable work (aka, this week), my meal plan is more of a guide. I don’t really use recipes, I just pick a few veggies and a protein for each meal and throw them […]

Meal Plan

Meal Plan 1/28/2019

Brrr! Winter finally hit Chicago, in full force. We’ve had 2 snowstorms this past weekend and the high on Wednesday is -3. Offices are closing, we got boots for Gus (who loves the snow), and all I want are some hearty and warm meals to get me through this week. Luckily, I was able to […]

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Spinach Artichoke Pizza

Intent: Ease, nutrition, money, timeServings: 4 With the SuperBowl coming up, I’m craving all sorts of unhealthy football snacks…instead of ignoring my cravings, I decided to find a way to give in to them without getting off track! Enter this spinach artichoke pizza.  I love love love spinach artichoke dip, and it’s a super modifiable […]

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Stuffed Eggplant

Intent: Nutrition, SoulServings: 4 I like experimenting with stuffing different veggies.  Usually I stick to the usual – mushrooms, squash, sweet potatoes.  Sometimes I try out zucchini, but they’re so out of season right now that any zucchini I get will be too small to stuff.  So, this week I thought I’d try out eggplant. […]

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Blackened Salmon with Spinach and Edamame

Intent: Nutrition, timeServings: 2+leftovers Again with my “Meatless” Monday dishes!  This week is supposed to be the coldest it’s been all year, so I’m all about warm and comforting dishes this week.  Salmon is one of my favorite fishes to cook, but it can be hard to find winter-y meals to make. This recipe is […]