Meal Plan 3/25/2019

Hi all! After a nice discussion with Ben (aka, my favorite person to bounce ideas off of and strategize with), I decided it would be more fun for me and hopefully you if I post my meal plans and recipes after I actually make them.  Life keeps changing, and I find the need to make last minute changes to my meal plans so often, I think it will be better for everyone if I could talk about how I do that in my weekly meal plans!

That being said, here’s the recap of this past week’s meal plan and my life. I took an impromptu trip to Denver for a long weekend last weekend, and didn’t get back until Tuesday.  Ben left for China Thursday! Talk about a crazy week. So I did one fancy at home dinner for us – blackened scallops with horseradish yogurt and a side of julienned veggies, brown rice, and quinoa – then we did date night at our favorite spot, Untitled Supper Club Wednesday.  I made about 5 servings of cheese-less mac n’ cheese for lunches and maybe a few dinners, and then a sweet potato, tomato, kale and feta sheet tray dinner for myself Thursday.  When Ben is out of town, I eat mostly vegetarian for a few reasons: it saves time, it saves money, and I’m not huge carnivore to start with.  So, for this week the “mac n cheese” and sheet tray veggies will get me through a few days!

Preview: next week will be super interesting because Ben is gone (vegetarian meals) and I’m starting a new job.  I’m SO excited because I think this job will be the perfect fit for me.  But, it means I no longer get to come home on my lunch breaks for puppy time. It also means I will have to pack a breakfast and lunch every day, at least until I get into the swing of things. So, definitely a little more planning required on my part from here on out!