A Classic: Steak and Potatoes

I’m not a huge meat eater to begin with (in case you didn’t notice), so I don’t cook a lot of steaks.  Honestly, for the price of the meat I just can’t justify buying it for myself.  But, Ben absolutely loves steak…I swear, his stomach is a bottomless pit when it comes to steak.  So, every now and then I like to get him a good steak and I just make myself some hearty veggies.  I could eat my weight in sweet potatoes, and he loves them too, so that’s usually my pairing here.   

Honestly though, this dish doesn’t really have a recipe because it’s just that simple.  Chop sweet potatoes and baby red potatoes so that the sweet potatoes are a little smaller than the baby reds (sweet potatoes have more starch and take longer to cook).  Toss with EVOO and seasonings, and bake at 375 until tender.  Pan sear a steak to your desired doneness.  I make Ben cook his own because that’s one cooking technique he definitely can do better than I can – know your strengths!